A Christian Music, Fellowship, Games & Water Recreation Adventure!
Join Us On Friday, June 26th & Saturday, June 27th In 2020 As We Lead Off The July 4th Holiday By Celebrating America's Rich Christian Heritage With Fantastic Contemporary Christian Live Concerts (Saturday Only On Our Beach Stage: "Praise At The Beach"), Fellowship, Activities, Games, Recreation & Camping At The Faith Energizing Revelation Retreat 2020.

Our Ministry Objective Statement!
1) Love God
2) Love Others
3) Make Disciples

Our Retreat Objective Statement:   Come To The Revelation Retreat 2020  
"Love Is An Action Word!"

Our Retreat Themes For 2020 Are:
1) Love God
2) Love Others
3) Make Disciples

Reminder: Bring Your Bicycles And Lawn Chairs With You To Our Retreat! You Will Find Them Very Useful For Our Activities.

Note: Due To Potential Adverse Weather Conditions Or Other Circumstances Out Of Our Control, Any Or All Retreat Activities Are Subject To Change, Postponement Or Cancellation Without Notice.

Checkout The Revelation Retreat 2019 Promotional Video!

*Special Thanks To Third Day, Jordan Feliz & Blue Eyes Soul For The Audio Spots In This Video!

Artists For 2020 To Be Announced Soon! 

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Christian Outreach Event!

Also, make A CHARITABLE DONATION To Sponsor A Youngster Or Youth Group To Attend The Revelation Retreat 2020: A Fantastic Christian Music, Fellowship, Worship, Games, Recreation & Outdoor Camping Adventure!

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THE REVELATION RETREAT 2020      Our Entire Entertainment Lineup!
Artists For 2020 TBA Soon!
We Will Be Announcing Our Artists Performing At The Revelation Retreat 2020 Shortly!

We will have 3 awesome Christian musical artists showcasing the Best CCM Bands from Ohio and the Midwest on Saturday, June 27th. We will also have a fantastic keynote speaker on Saturday evening. We continue to achieve our goal of showcasing the BEST inspirational artists and speakers from Ohio & the Midwest.
Get your 2020 tickets starting in March and SAVE BIG at our online iTickets webpage.
We Want To Thank All The Bands, Speakers, Retreat Staff, Revelation Partners, Volunteer Associates, our sponsor, the Vermilion Church of the Nazarene, the Village of New London Parks & Recreation Department, the New London Reservoir Campground Staff For Making The Revelation Retreat 2019 An Inspirational, Uplifting And Faith-Energizing Experience For All. We Could Not Host This Christian Music & Fellowship Camping Adventure Without Your Help And Support. Once Again, We Express Our Heartfelt Thanks To You All.

2020 Ticket Sales Announcement!
The Revelation Retreat 2020 tickets will be on sale online on our ticket page with iTickets beginning in March.
  Watch for the Easter discount sale we will offer (20% off gate prices) for this event up through April 12, 2020. Revelation Retreat 2020 Tickets Make GREAT Easter Basket Gifts!

The Revelation Retreat 2020 Will Be Hosted Once Again At Our Beautiful & Scenic Home Site, The New London Reservoir Campground On Friday, June 26th & Saturday, June 27th. We Are Using The Beach Stage Overlooking The Reservoir Water (Praise At The Beach) For The First Time This Year. Please Mark This Date On Your Calendar. What's New For 2020?  Our Retreat Will Still Showcase The Best Christian Praise Bands & Speakers From Ohio & The Midwest. In Addition To Our Outstanding Beach Stage Concerts (This Year: "Praise At The Beach"), We Continue To Host Outdoors Camping, Water Recreation & Swimming, Basketball, Sand Volleyball, And Putt-Putt Golf. On Friday, June 26th, We Will Host In The Campground Pavilion A CCM DJ Party, A Family Date Night At The Movies & The "Revelation Games" Will Be Offered On Friday Afternoon.
Friday's Theme: Love Others.

Saturday's Theme: Love God & Make Disciples.

Next, To Take Better Advantage Of The Fantastic Recreational Facilities Available To Us Through The New London Reservoir Park & Recreation Park In New London, We Are Continuing Our Retreat Programs In 2020 To Include Our
 A Unique Offering Of Fun & Challenging Sports Recreation Contests! The Revelation Retreat 2020: A Music, Fellowship, Worship, Recreation, Games & Camping Adventure Will Be A Special Weekend Of Musical, Spiritual, Relational & Recreational Refreshment! If You Need To Get Away From The Hectic Pace Of Today's Life, Come To The Revelation Retreat Where We Provide A Solitude Space And The Opportunity To Retreat Into A Close Community Of Relaxation, Fellowship & FUN With Family, Friends, Youth Groups And Our Brothers & Sisters In Christ.

How About This Lineup Of Challenging Games Highlighted By Our Revelation Games Football Punt, Pass & Kickoff Challenge!  Combine This Featured Competition With A Variety Of Games Like The Wiffle Ball Home Run Derby, The Basketball 3-Point Shot Shootout, 18 Hole Putt-Putt Contest, And The Watermelon Roll Contest, We Feel We Offer A Unique & Comprehensive Games Program With Something Of Interest For Everyone And That Which Is Not Found At Other Christian Festivals. All These Games Contests Are Open To Those Who Attend Our Retreat On The Days They Are Offered.

We Will Also Host A "Togetherness Building" Family Activity, The Retreat Cycling Adventure (Bring Your Bicycles). This Activity Is Designed To Promote Unity & Fellowship Within The Family Or Group.

Ultimately, We Want To Energize Your Faith And Invigorate Your Body.
That Are REAL FUN!

Revelation Retreat 2020 WANTS YOUR YOUTH!
Are you trying to build a strong youth program at your church? OUR ADVICE: Build from the ground up! Is This Your Problem? You want to spend more quality time with your middle school & intermediate school aged youth (Tweeners) and are looking for an outstanding summer activity for them, but you are on a tight budget. YOUR SOLUTION: Come to the very affordable & BEST Value Revelation Retreat 2020. We cater to these "Tweener" grade level youngsters and have specially designed programs and fun recreation activities for them. 
What Is A Retreat?
 Do you know the history behind the creation of RETREATS? Well, here is a brief history lesson found in "Discovering God", written by Dr. David Jeremiah. Around AD 270, Anthony the Great began a movement when he moved to the Middle Eastern desert seeking spiritual purity, enlightenment, solitude, and perfection. He attracted many followers there who were nuns, monks, hermits, and ascetics. His followers were known as the Desert Fathers and Desert Mothers. It turns out that their movement of "retreating" has led to today's practice of taking a "retreat" to refresh oneself spiritually. How about you? Are you looking for a "Time Out" place of solitude, peace, rest, and spiritual refreshment? Come to the Revelation Retreat 2019 where we can offer you a weekend of respite. Come to the Revelation Retreat 2019 where we provide that place of rest within a serene spot in nature surrounded by prayer, Bible study, meditation, fellowship, and praise & worship. Come to the Revelation Retreat 2019 where you can engage within a close community and "retreat" from the cares, worries and busyness of life. Come to the Revelation Retreat where you can "Tune In" to Jesus and He will give you rest. "Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest." (Matthew 11:28 ESV).
Christian Fellowship Is A Priority At The Revelation Retreat!    
Although we offer a comprehensive list of fantastic activities at our retreat, CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP, CLOSE COMMUNITY & SOLITUDE for our attendees are a big emphasis. Fellowship is an important component of joining the Brotherhood of Believers in Jesus Christ. In Acts 2:42, Luke describes this fellowship of the Believers, "They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer." In the MacArthur Study Bible (ESV), John MacArthur explains the concept of "fellowship" as, "partnership or sharing - because Christians become partners with Jesus Christ and all other believers (1 John 1:3), it is their spiritual duty to stimulate one another to righteousness and obedience." We create an environment at the Revelation Retreat that nurtures the building of brethren relationships through the fellowship that is present. Join us at the Revelation Retreat 2019 on June 28th-29th at the New London Reservoir Campground & Amphitheater to experience the sincere Christian fellowship that exists and benefit from the building of righteous relationships with family and friends.
Sonship Studio 
An Artist Recording, Jam Session, & Church Sound Basic Essentials Training Studio With A Discipleship Mission.

Vermilion, OH
Call Or Email For More Information, Rates & Scheduling Sessions.
Phone: 419-902-6088
Owner/Operator: Scott Thompson, M.Ed.
Over 30 Years Experience Operating & Managing Platinum Tunes Sound Productions Of Vermilion
Sponsor: Sonship Crusades, Ltd.
Partner: Vermilion Church of the Nazarene


People who have not attended Revelation before often ask, "What is the Revelation Retreat?" Well, here is what we are:

1) An exciting Christian concert series showcasing 3 of the BEST praise bands from Ohio & the Midwest on Saturday held on our beach stage overlooking the reservoir water using our outstanding professional sound system (New Column Array Systems: Bose F1 812s & Subs, & Turbosound iP 2000s, Mains & Subs), Presonus StudioLive Mixer and special effects stage lighting (LEDs & Lasers).
2) The primary objective of the Revelation Retreat 2020 is to offer people a place of solitude to balance out the distractions of life, to provide a "Time Out" place where you can "Hang Out" with loved ones and "Tune In" to them and Jesus.
3) A revitalizing outdoor, recreational adventure hosted in our modern, full-service New London Reservoir Campground located in scenic north-central Ohio. Each whole event ticket purchase Includes All Of Friday's Activities & Saturday's Concerts. All camping accommodations (primitive, water & electric sites or cabin rentals) this year must be reserved by calling the campground office in the reservoir campground on a first come, first served basis. Your retreat ticket will include a reservoir campground visitor day pass giving you access to all the recreational facilities such as swimming, beach, water inflatables, basketball court, sand volleyball court, the 18 hole putt-putt golf course, our east pavilion, restrooms and bath house. Primitive campsites are NO longer included free in the Revelation Retreat 2020 ticket price. All overnight camping is reserved through the New London Reservoir Campground payable to them at additional camping rates.
4) A marvelous water & games recreational and relaxation resort highlighted by the crystal clear, 220 acre New London Reservoir, beach and water slide & log roll inflatables .
5) A fantastic Christian fellowship, bonding, relational and close community experience.
6) A tremendous faith energizing & spiritually inspiring retreat setting.
7) An outstanding Christian outreach event with an evening spiritually-uplifting keynote speaker on Saturday evening.
8) A wonderful array of youth recreational activity & games participation opportunities on Friday specifically designed to promote interest & participation, to motivate and to benefit intermediate school to middle school aged youngsters.
9) A terrific provision of vending options during our concerts with the band merchandise tent and the pavilion concessions run by the Vermilion Church of the Nazarene. 
10) An excellent family-friendly, youth-conscious, nature-centered weekend event where you can RETREAT from the secular influences of our culture and the fast-paced, hectic lifestyles of today.

JOIN US THE WEEKEND OF FRIDAY, JUNE 26th AND SATURDAY, JUNE 27th IN 2020 AND EXPERIENCE REVELATION! Purchase your tickets early and benefit from our big discounts. All our full event tickets include the Friday activities and Saturday concerts.
Getting Revved-Up For Revelation!

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Saturday Beach Concerts: June 27th
Artists TBA Soon!

 Our 2020 Band Lineup TBA Soon!

Saturday, June 27th:

Artists TBA Soon!

Showcasing Many Of The The Best Contemporary Christian Praise Bands & Speakers From Ohio and the Midwest!

The Revelation Retreat is an religious, non-profit, interdenominational, Christian outreach annual event that is inspirational, relational, recreational and entertaining and it is open to the general public. The Revelation Retreat is sanctioned by and operates under the organizational umbrella, guidance, sponsorship of and in affiliation with the Church of the Nazarene, 14907 Kniesel Rd., Vermilion, OH 44089. The Vermilion Church of the Nazarene delegates leadership, management and directorship of the Revelation Retreat to Scott Thompson. The Revelation Retreat is also partnered with the religious, non-profit, Ohio limited liability company, Sonship Crusades, Ltd., Platinum Tunes Sound Productions, LLC & Sonship Studio.

                             What?                             You Do Not Have Any Camping Equipment! Well, We Have You Covered.
Reserve One Of Our Three Fant
astic Large Waterfront Camping Cabins In The New London Reservoir Campground That Sleep Up To 8 People Comfortably For Only $150.00 + Tax Per Night!
Contact The New London Reservoir Campground Office For Rental Details, Reservations And Availability.
Chronology Collage Of Crafts, Activities & Games Engaged With "Tweeners" At The Revelation Retreat!

 The 2020 Evening Keynote Speaker 

Our Lineup TBA!

Here Is The Schedule:

  Saturday Evening, June 27th @ 8:45 PM: Speaker -Topic: TBA. 



Please list the name, address and age of your child wanting to participate in the P, P, & KO Challenge. Submit one online entry form for each child you are entering. You will need to pay the entry fee of $5 per child that you register at the stadium prior to the event and sign the liability waiver form so your child can be officially entered and participate in the P, P, & KO Challenge. For all the details of this event, please look at the forms posted above.

Security Code: *  
Child's First Name: *
Child's Last Name: *
Parent's/Guardian's Name: *
Address Street: *
City: *
Zip Code: * (5 digits)
State: *
Parent's/Guardian's E-mail: *
Daytime Phone: *
Child's Age (as of 6/29/19)
Comments: Indicate Child's shirt Size and date of birth. *



Revelation Retreat 2019
Thank You For Your Support!

Saint Level ($150+):

Prophet Level ($100)
Mark Myers, DDS.
Battles Insurance Agency of Norwalk
Samaritan Level ($75)

Witness Level ($50)
Lt. Col. Jeremy Thompson & Family

Cameron Thompson & Family
Believer Level ($25)



Please Help! Become A Revelation Retreat Partner Or Camper Sponsor Today! Click The "Donate" Button To Make Your Charitable Donation!

Join Us Today In Sponsoring A Child, A Family Or A Youth Group. Your Generous Charitable Donation Will Go Entirely Toward Providing A Retreat Voucher Which Will Allow Them To Attend FREE The Revelation Retreat 2017: A Christian Concert, Fellowship, Sports & Camping Adventure!

Just think, when you become a Revelation Retreat Attendee Sponsor, your charitable donation made of only $25 0r $35 will provide a Retreat Voucher to a youngster and your charitable donation of only $30 or $40 will provide a Retreat Voucher to an adult chaperone to accompany that youth to the Revelation Retreat 2020 for either 1 day or 2 days of our wonderful, Christian event, respectively! Also, if you wish, feel free to make a general donation of any amount to our retreat, small or large, of which we will assure you 100% of it will go toward bringing youngsters and families to our outstanding Christian retreat.

Just think of the joy, excitement and heartfelt appreciation you can bring to a needy child, family or youth group by donating the funds needed to provide them with a REVELATION RETREAT VOUCHER thereby enabling them to attend FREE part or all of the Revelation Retreat 2020. By charitably donating the funds to sponsor these individuals who otherwise might not have the financial means to attend, you not only will feel the warmth & satisfaction of serving God by helping others, but you will also know you're providing them with a tremendous opportunity to engage in a wonderful Christian music, fellowship and outdoors camping adventure. Your sponsorship to attend this non-profit, Christian outreach retreat will provide them with enriching experiences
encompassing faith energizing bands & keynote speakers, inspirational religious instruction, overnight camping, invigorating
 water & sports recreation, captivating activities & crafts, fun contests & competitions and fantastic Christian fellowship & bonding.
If you wish to identify a specific recipient or instructions for a retreat voucher, have any questions or have special requests, please write your request on the PayPal special comments section of the payment form or send us an e-mail at and write on the memo line "Revelation Retreat Sponsor Special Request".

In June of 2012, we hosted the first annual Revelation Youth Camping Retreat on the church grounds at Trinity Lutheran Church in Vermilion, OH. We hosted one band and one speaker for that one day/overnight camping retreat. As with any event, our eight member Christian retreat inner circle core leadership team, comprised of current and retired professional primary & secondary school educators (two teachers, one guidance counselor and one building administrator), church clergy (two pastors), and medical professionals (one registered nurse, one registered dental hygienist and certified athletic trainer), reflected upon the strengths and weaknesses of our initial retreat to reinforce the positives for upcoming years and also established many areas for improvement. Through this cooperative and collaborative reflection and brainstorming process, our retreat council recommended making several changes to the retreat that we believe will be beneficial to the campers, parents with children (families), youth & youth group leaders, couples, teenagers, children and adults this summer. The changes implemented for 2013 were:
1) Move the retreat to a larger property that is more centrally located in north central Ohio and will be more accommodating to overnight camping, water recreation, recreational activities, expanded camper attendance and provide a venue capable of hosting multi-artist, live concerts. Thus we have a multi-year agreement with the New London Reservoir Campground & Amphitheater to be the home site for our retreat this year and for years to come.
2) We decided to expand the retreat from just a one day/overnight camping retreat to a full weekend/overnight camping retreat. New for 2013, the Revelation Retreat will be held on the weekend of Friday morning, July 26th through Sunday morning, July 28th.

3) We decided to expand the target demographic from just church youth group members (grades 5th - 12th as of the 2013-14 school year and ages 11 - 18 as of July 26, 2013) and youth group leaders & chaperones to opening the retreat up to include parents with families (kids any age) and adults (ages 18 & up) as well.
4) We decided to expand the options for attending the retreat. New for this year, campers have several options available for attending the retreat in 2013. These options are as follows: a) Full weekend/overnight camper, b) One day/overnight camper, c) Day-only commuter camper and d) Evening concert only walk-ins. We wanted to be less restrictive and welcome everyone, not only church youth groups, but also invite families with children and adults to the retreat. Thus, this year we changed our name to the Revelation Christian Family & Youth Camping Retreat.
5) We decided to continue our goal of providing a high quality, logistically nearby, north central Ohio located, Christian summer event at a very reasonable, affordable and attractive price. This year, our registration tickets are sold online by the ticket marketing service, iTickets  ( We now offer several ways to save money on purchasing your tickets. We have several discount price options available: a) early registration discount incentive with date deadlines, b) senior ticket discounts (ages 60+), c) large group quantity discounts, d) free admission for children ages 3 & under that are accompanied by parents/guardians or responsible adults (ages 18 & up) and e) special ticket prices for youth (ages 7 thru 17) and youngsters (ages 4 thru 6) which save you money. Check out our Revelation Retreat 2018 ticket page online at iTickets.They accept all major credit cards and you have the option to print your registration ticket from your home computer printer!
6) The advertising, marketing and promotions of this camping retreat needed to be more comprehensive and begun earlier in the year. We have expanded our advertising strategies to include social media (Facebook page), our own online website
(, phone call committees, newspaper ads, yard signs, posting flyers, fax blasts and e-mail blasts. We have partnered with iTickets to sell our registration tickets as well as promote our retreat via their extensive online resources. For our first retreat held in 2013, we began the promotions for our retreat in March, 2013. For our upcoming retreat in 2015, we plan to start our marketing and promotions in late August, 2014 for the Revelation Retreat 2015! As you can see, we have made many improvements to the retreat and cannot wait to see you at our retreat this coming summer.

Let's begin by emphasizing that we welcome everyone to attend our retreat so you can participate in the "Revelation Retreat Experience" and be a member of our retreat family . We are a fantastic contemporary Christian music, meditation, fellowship, recreation, games and FUN camp hosted at the outstanding and beautiful New London Reservoir Campground & Amphitheater in New London, OH. We are the best value Christian overnight music, fellowship & games camping adventure this summer! Here is the exciting news for the Revelation Retreat 2020; we will have 3 Christian praise rock bands and 1 inspirational evening keynote speakers scheduled to appear at the retreat on Saturday, June 27th on our Beach Stage.We are proud to have as one of our primary goals is to be an outstanding Christian music, fellowship, games and camping adventure whereby we will be showcasing the best contemporary Christian bands and inspirational speakers from right here in Ohio and the Midwest! Join us on the weekend of Friday, June 26th and Saturday, June 27th for the Revelation Retreat 2020! 

We believe in our abilities to change lives for the better (Born Again) through faith in the Triune God, the Holy Trinity; the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Our retreat will present the Gospel through contemporary Christian music, artist spotlight testimonial sessions, inspirational speakers and other means so that those attending will be drawn to salvation and become ambassadors of Jesus Christ. 

16 "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son (Jesus), that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.
 17 For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but in order that the world might be saved through him. 18 Whoever believes in him is not condemned, but whoever does not believe is condemned already, because he has not believed in the name of the only Son of God." John 3:16-18

14 “You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden. 15 Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead they put it on its stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house. 16 In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven. Matthew 5:14-16

14 For those who are led by the Spirit of God are the children of God. 15 The Spirit you received does not make you slaves, so that you live in fear again; rather, the Spirit you received brought about your adoption tosonship. And by him we cry, “Abba, Father.” 16 The Spirit himself testifies with our spirit that we are God’s children. Romans 8:14-16

But when the set time had fully come, God sent his Son, born of a woman, born under the law, to redeem those under the law, that we might receive adoption to sonship.Because you are his sons, God sent the Spirit of his Son into our hearts, the Spirit who calls out, “Abba, Father.”So you are no longer a slave, but God’s child; and since you are his child, God has made you also an heir. Galatians 4:5-7

14 Wearing a linen ephod, David was dancing before the Lord with all his might, 15 while he and all Israel were bringing up the ark of the Lord with shouts and the sound of trumpets. 2 Samuel 6:14-15

31 Do to others as you would have them do to you.Luke 6:31

Although this retreat will provide activities and entertainment intended to inspire, energize and motivate Christian parents with families, church youth groups, youth group leaders & chaperones and adults, we will welcome all to hear and believe the word of God as provided to us through the Holy Bible. Come see what we have to offer and be a part of the "Revelation Retreat Experience & Family"!

We plan on providing a morning devotional service each day that will share the good news of the gospel. All our teachings and messages will be Bible-based and Christ-centered. Our retreat activities and uplifting services feature messages that will help prepare you to live your faith daily. God has a divine plan and purpose for your life. Becoming aware of this revelation begins with putting God first in your life, knowing that we can fulfill our divine destiny and purpose through service that brings all glory to God and that which advances and expands His kingdom. This retreat will help you to understand God's PLAN for your life.

Our retreat is sanctioned by the Vermilion Church of the Nazarene and sponsored by Sonship Crusades, Ltd. Stage sound, lighting & video provided by Platinum Tunes Sound Productions, LLC.

                                              The Revelation Retreat 2020 Needs You!
 Are You Searching For Service Projects?
Are you looking for a great opportunity to serve the Lord?
We have many different types of service opportunities available at the Revelation Retreat this summer. We will be needing many volunteers this summer for the retreat which will involve many areas of opportunity for service. These limited areas of service opportunity involve retreat registration & information attendants, campsite assignment managers, evening concert ticket gate admission attendants, hospitality tent & concession stand grill food servers, artist merchandise vending attendants, concert security personnel, stage sound & lighting techs, first aid responders, togetherness activities managers, Revelation Games managers (basketball 3 point shot shootout contest, 18 hole putt-putt contest, home run derby contest, and the football punt, pass & kickoff officials), and artist greeters/concierges. If you want to serve as a volunteer and want more details on the volunteer program, please send us a message at Thanks!
A BIG thank you to everyone who attended the Revelation Retreat 2019! It was inspirational, energizing & FUN!
Check out our retreat highlight movies that will be posted shortly.
ATTENTION! The Revelation Retreat 2020 Registration Tickets Will Be Available For Purchase Online
Through iTickets Soon.

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What to look forward to in 2020!
       3 Christian Praise Bands That Rock!

Revelation Showcases The BEST Contemporary Christian Rock Praise Bands From Ohio & The Midwest!
     One Inspirational Keynote Speaker!

Sports Recreation: Play REAL games that benefit your fitness, physically, mentally, spiritually and relationally. Our sports & recreational activities are planned for youngsters!

uality Time: Gather together in close community activities to reconnect with your families and youth!

NEW! Our CCM Concerts On Saturday Will Be Hosted On Our Beach Stage Overlooking The Reservoir Water! We Call It, "Praise At The Beach"

Hosted In An Excellent Full Service Campground With Tranquil Camping Available, Delightful Swimming With Sand Beach, Invigorating Water Recreation,  Vitalizing Physical Recreation Activities & The Assurance Of Modern Campground Amenities (Showers, Bathrooms, Laundromat, Pavilions & Camp Store)!
The BEST Concert Beach Stage In North Central Ohio!
Invigorating Competitions & Contests!
We Are Your Affordable Alternative To Attend A Great Overnight Christian Music & Fellowship Camp This Summer!
Revelation Retreat Is The Best Weekend Christian Outreach Event Value You Will Find! Register Early & SAVE!
Go To iTickets To Purchase Your Registration Tickets.
A Weekend of Music, Fellowship, Games Recreation, Praise, Worship & Fun!
Energize Your Faith, Inspire Your Spirit & Uplift Your Soul!
The Revelation Retreat is an religious, non-profit, Christian outreach inspirational, relational, recreational and entertainment annual event open to the general public that is sanctioned by and operates under the organizational umbrella, guidance, sponsorship of and in affiliation with the Church of the Nazarene, 14907 Kniesel Rd., Vermilion, OH 44089. The Vermilion Church of the Nazarene delegates leadership, management and directorship of the Revelation Retreat to Scott Thompson. The Revelation Retreat is also partnered with the religious, non-profit, Ohio limited liability company, Sonship Crusades, Ltd., Sonship Studio and Platinum Tunes Sound Productions, LLC.


Focus: To promote and provide a Christian close community of quality time for adults, couples, parents with families, youth group leaders & youth members, chaperones, teenagers, "tweeners", children and volunteers. We want to minimize distractions from today's fast paced, high tech environment. The Revelation Retreat is a great place to bond and reconnect with your family and friends, but more importantly, to establish a personal relationship with God. Turn off your cell phone, turn off your TV, turn off your laptop, turn off your tablets, turn off your video games and turn on to God's creation, turn on to real people, to real fellowship, to real relationships, to real recreation, to real games, to real fitness, to real life, to real Sonship and tune into Jesus! Let's pay more attention to and appreciate God's beautiful creation through this outdoor adventure; a 2 day, overnight camping retreat.

Retreat Religious Theme:  1) Share the good news of the Gospel (John 3:16). 2) To put God first in your life. 3) To give all glory and praise to God. 4) To advance and expand God's kingdom. 5) To become a disciple of Jesus and an ambassador of God's Kingdom by being transformed by the living example set by Jesus Christ and being inspired by the Word of God (Holy Bible). 6) To love others and promote Christian fellowship & brethren relationships  7) To encourage living our faith 24/7/365 and life application of the "Golden Rule" (Luke 6:31).

Who: This retreat is open to everyone, especially parents with families (children any age), couples, church youth group & community youth club members with their youth leaders & chaperones, couples, young adults & college students, teenagers, "Tweeners", children, camping enthusiasts and volunteers.
*Note - This is an inter-denominational, Christian outreach, entertainment and recreational event as part of God's kingdom on earth. We welcome retreat campers from any and all church denominations, Christians in general as well as the un-churched, who desire a closer relationship with Jesus, who are searching for their purpose in life or who may want to find out more about the one true God, the Holy Trinity: the Father, the Son (Jesus), and the Holy Spirit.

Evening concerts are open to the public!

Details: Hosted in a scenic full service campground on a beautiful, 220 acre, crystal clear reservoir with swimming, sand beach, an inflatable water slide and water recreation; great site for invigorating camping (overnight camping is not included in the ticket price) with modern showers & restrooms and a laundry room! Camping reservations for primitive, water & electric sites (extra charge) and the renting of cabins are offered with limited availability at an additional fee, paddle boat & pontoon rentals, fishing, hiking, 18 hole mini putt golf, playgrounds, sheltered pavilions, bike riding, volleyball, basketball & horseshoe pit.
Exciting schedule: Three Christian praise bands & one inspirational speaker on our Beach Stage, swimming with sand beach, inflatable water slide & log roll, wind surfing, sports contests, concession stand,
talent contests, youth recreational activities, "Revelation Games", campfires, artist merchandise vendors, pavilions and more!
Partnered With Sonship Crusades. The sound, video & stage lighting provided by Platinum Tunes Sound Productions.

Visit Us On Our Revelation Retreat Facebook Page!

Retreat Registration Tickets: are sold online through iTickets at the Revelation Retreat 2020 page!

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Retreat Registration Tickets: sold at iTickets:

Sample Retreat Agenda From The Revelation Retreat 2020

PRESS RELEASERevelation Retreat 2020 is moving forward and new artists and keynote speaker are being announced here and on our Facebook page each week! The Revelation Retreat 2020 is a Christian music and fellowship camping adventure. It is held on the weekend of Friday, June 26th and Saturday, June 27th. We are currently putting together a fantastic itinerary for the two day event which will highlight outstanding bands and speakers from the Midwest and Ohio. All told, our 2 day outdoors adventure includes 3 Christian praise rock bands, 1 evening keynote speakers, overnight camping (available by contacting the campground office at an additional charge and not included in the retreat ticket price), a sand beach with swimming, water & sports recreation (kayaks, paddle boards, water inflatables, basketball, putt-putt golf, cornhole, volleyball, football, etc.), youth activities, talent contests, band merchandise vendors, food concessions, fellowship, meditation and lots of fun. We really emphasize solitude in a relaxing close community of quality time that nurtures bonding, connecting and engaging with family and friends as well as self-reflection and, without question, exaltation of the Lord. Are you tired of the fast pace of life today? Come to this "TIME OUT" place, escape the rat race and retreat to Revelation! Turn back the clock to simpler days. Unplug the laptop, shut down the tablet, turn off the cell phone and "TUNE IN" TO JESUS! Jesus said in Matthew 11:28, "Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest." Join us at the relaxing atmosphere of the Revelation Retreat 2018 and we will introduce you to Jesus and the solitude He can provide to you.

On top all this, we feel we have the best facility in north central Ohio to host our 2 day Christian concert and fellowship outdoor camping adventure; the beautifully scenic, full-service New London Reservoir Campground & Beach Stage in New London, Ohio. The wonderful 225 acre, crystal clear water reservoir is the foundation of all our water recreation including swimming with sand beach, water inflatables, and kayak, paddle board & paddle boat rentals. The New London Reservoir Campground is owned and operated by the Village of New London. It is a family-friendly campground that is regularly patrolled by the New London Police Department to ensure your safety and it provides its campers with clean, modern bathroom facilities, a camp store, primitive, water & electric and full hook-up campsites, tw
o children’s playgrounds, a basketball court, a sand volleyball court, horseshoe pits, and cabin rentals. We invite everyone to attend and we particularly want to invite school-aged church youth groups, community youth clubs and troops, families with children, camping enthusiasts, college students and young adults & couples.

Our pre-sale tickets will be available through the online ticket service, iTickets( Each full event ticket includes all the Friday activities and the Saturday CCM concerts. Also, for every 9 tickets purchased, you get one ticket free and all children 3 years old and under attend free. If interested, you can go to our website at for more information.

e are committed to scheduling the strongest lineup of artists and speakers within our means to perform at Revelation!
Plan on attending the Revelation Retreat 2020 hosted at the beautiful New London Reservoir Campground & Beach Stage in New London, OH on June 26th & 27th. Our evening concert keynote speaker and 3 CCM artists will be announced soon. Also, our food concessions for the concerts in the pavilion will be available again run by the wonderful people from the Vermilion Church of the Nazarene and we anticipate that Mr. Pizzahead in New London will be providing our concession stand with their delicious oven-baked pizza to sell during the concerts.

Don't miss this opportunity to hear outstanding Christian praise artists and speakers perform live near the scenic vacation land along the north coast of Lake Erie.
 For more information, visit our website at on the internet.


GOOD NEWS! We Need Grant Funds!
WE ARE LOOKING FOR GRANTS! The Grant Funds Will Be Used To Provide Admission Tickets To Youth From Financially Struggling Families And Their Adult Chaperons So They Can Attend The Retreat For FREE! The Grant Funds Will Give Them An Opportunity To Attend The Revelation Retreat Whereas They Otherwise May Not Have Had The Financial Means To Do So. We Want To Thank All Grant Foundations Interested For Believing In And Supporting Our Christian Outreach Event. May God Bless You.
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2) A Youth Group Of 10 Can Attend The Full Event (Both Days) For Only $(Buy 9 Tickets [2 adults & 7 youth], Get 1 Ticket FREE)!
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Your Full Event Retreat Tickets Include FREE Reservoir Campground Day Visitor Passes, Free Parking, Free Use Of Modern And Clean Restrooms & Showers, Free Swimming & Use Of The Sand Beach, Free Use Of The Inflatable Water Slide & The New Water "Log Roll",Free Putt-Putt Golf, All In Addition To The Band Concerts, The CCM DJ Party, The Family Date Night At The Movies, The Revelation Games, The Evening Keynote Speaker, The Retreat Contests, The Youth & Family Activities, The Recreation, The Band Merchandise Vendors and The Retreat Concessions.
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IF THAT ISN'T ENOUGH, Your Children 3 Years Old & Under Attend All The Revelation Retreat Camping, Concerts & Activities FREE!
At The Revelation Retreat, We Are A Christian Outreach Event That Is Bible-Based, Christ-Centered, Family-Friendly, Youth-Focused & We Welcome Everyone Into The Revelation Family!
Getting Revved-Up For Revelation! 

Definition: a close, familiar, and affectionate personal relationship.

At the Revelation Retreat,
intimacy with Jesus, your family and your friends is our strength & our goal.

At the Revelation Retreat, our worship leaders & evening keynote speakers are ordained pastors & authentic youth leaders who are trained in the scriptures of the Bible and are experienced instructors!

At The Revelation Retreat, We Celebrate By The Grace Of God The Gift Of Salvation Through Belief In Jesus As The Son Of God, His Crucifixion & Resurrection And God's Promise Of Eternal Life In Heaven!


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Purchase your Revelation Retreat registration tickets at iTickets online. They accept all major credit cards and you can even print out your tickets at home with your own computer and printer.
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VENDORS: We Welcome You! Would you like to reserve a vendor space next to the amphitheater to provide food, refreshments, merchandise or information to the retreat campers throughout the retreat weekend? We are currently reserving a limited number of vendor spaces for the Revelation Retreat 2020. For more information, contact us at and we can begin the reservation process.
Here It Is! The Revelation Retreat 2013 Snapshot Highlight Movie! Enjoy!
A special thank you to Abby Thompson for being our official retreat photographer and providing us with all the outstanding Revelation Retreat photos used in this movie.
Here Is The Newest Edition To Our Retreat Highlight Movies! The Revelation Retreat 2013 Video Highlight Movie Is Available In The Viewer Below! Click On The Movie And Watch Our Select Collection Of Retreat Video Highlights!
A special thank you to Abby Thompson for being our official retreat photographer and providing us with all the outstanding Revelation Retreat videos used in this movie.

This retreat is dedicated to the loving memory of
Isabelle Elise Thompson.
She is being held in the loving arms of Jesus in Heaven.
July 2, 2013
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