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Revelation Retreat 2019 Tickets

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Revelation Retreat 2019
 Registration Ticket Prices:
Primitive Campsites
are FREE and INCLUDED in the purchase of one day and two day retreat camper tickets.

Friday, June 28th & Saturday, June 29th

Back Again For 2019! Family Five Pack & Group Pass which admits 5 people of any age at one low price.
The Revelation Retreat Is The ONLY Overnight,
Multi-day Christian Entertainment Festival
That Offers A Family - Group Pass!

IMPORTANT: Children 
3 years old & under attend all Revelation Retreat Camping, Concerts & Activities FREE!

Checkout Our Newly Added Special Low Ticket Prices For Youngsters, Ages 4-6.

QUANTITY PURCHASE BONUS: Purchase 9 tickets (either one day or two day tickets) and get 1 ticket FREE!

Early Registration Ticket Prices:     By Sept. 30  By Nov. 22  By Dec. 25   By April 21   By June 16  After June 16 

TWO DAY TICKET PRICES (Friday & Saturday):
Adult Weekend Camper-(Ages 18+)*
$25/person   $30/person  $33/person  $37/person $42/person  $45/person
Youth Weekend Camper-(Ages 7-17)*:     $20/person     $24/person    $26/person      $29/person    $32/person   $35/person
Youngster Weekend Camper-(Ages 4-6)*:$8/person       $9/person    $10/person     $11/person   $13/person   $15/person
Family Five Pack & Group Pass-(5 Persons Any Age):  $95/Pass     $115/Pass            $125/Pass             $135/Pass           $155/Pass          $170/Pass

ONE DAY TICKET PRICES (Any Single Day - Friday or Saturday):
Adult One Day Camper-(Ages 18+)*: $20/person   $21/person    $22/person  $24/person  $27/person $30/person
Youth One Day Camper- (Ages 7-17)*:     $15/person      $16/person      $17/person    $19/person     $22/person  $25/person
Youngster One Day Camper-(Ages 4-6)*: $4/person        $4/person         $5/person      $6/person        $7/person    $8/person
Family Five Pack & Group Pass-(5 Persons Any Age):  $70/Pass        $75/Pass                $80/Pass           $90/Pass                $105/Pass         $120/Pass

EVENING CONCERT GATE PRICES (Per Day Gate Admission At Amphitheater):
Adult Evening Concert Walk-Ins(Ages18+):$3/adult     $4/adult        $4/adult        $5/adult         $6/adult     $6/adult 
Youth Evening Concert Walk-Ins (Ages 7-17):  $2/youth      $2/youth          $3/youth           $3/youth            $3/youth      $4/youth
Youngster Evening Concert Walk-Ins (Ages 4-6):$1/kid     $1/kid             $1/kid             $2/kid                $2/kid          $2/kid

Family Five Pack & Group Pass-(5 Persons Any Age):    $9/Pass          $10/Pass              $11/Pass                $12/Pass                  $14/Pass         $19/Pass

Note: The Family Five Pack & Group Pass is good for any family or group of people of any age to purchase for admission to the Revelation Retreat. We are the only multi-day music festival in Ohio and the Midwest that offers this type of pass not only for our all day tickets, but also for admission into our evening concert series. We offer this pass to families and various small groups of people (church youth groups, community groups, groups of friends, etc.) in an effort to make attendance more affordable. This special pass price cannot be combined with or qualify for the quantity purchase bonus ticket offering.

Adults are individuals 18 years old & above, youth are children ages 7 - 17 years old & youngsters are kids ages 4 - 6.
  *All Single Day & Two Day Camper Registration Tickets give total access to the entire schedule of Revelation Retreat camping (includes FREE primitive campsites), swimming, water activities, concerts, evening keynote speakers, Purity Revival, artist spotlight sessions, seminars, recreational activities, activities, crafts, competitions and vendors. It is our total access ticket.  

Early bird retreat campsite option: Begins with entry on Thursday, June 27th at 9:00 A.M. Only good with the purchase of a two day camper retreat registration ticket. Provides full access to the fantastic campground amenities including primitive camping, swimming with sand beach, reservoir recreational activities (inflatable water-slide & log roll, kayak rentals, fishing, windsurfing, etc.), pavilions, playgrounds and sports recreational activities. In addition to the campground amenities, each early bird retreat camper will have access to the private Revelation Retreat 2019 early bird Thursday evening special event at the west pavilion on June 27th; 9:30 P.M. to 11:00 P.M. - the Late at the Movies showing a current Christian entertainment movie on a huge 6' screen and sound through a professional sound system. All Early Bird campsite registrations must be reserved directly through the New London Reservoir Campground Office by calling 419-929-8609.

Early Bird Primitive Campsite Fee*:  By Sept. 30  By Nov.22   By Dec. 25   By April 21     By June 16   After June 16    
Early bird campsite (includes up to 2 people):      $30/campsite  $31/campsite   $32/campsite    $33/campsite      $34/campsite     $35/campsite
Early bird camper (each additional person):          $3/person        $4/person         $4/person         $5/person          $5/person

*Early Bird Campsites Available For Thursday, June 27, 2019 With The Purchase Of Two Day Camper Retreat Registration Tickets. All Early Bird campsite registrations must be reserved directly through the New London Reservoir Campground Office by calling 419-929-8609.

*Important Benefits: One day campers & two day campers have full access to the fantastic campground amenities including swimming with sand beach, reservoir recreational activities (inflatable water-slide & log roll; kayaks*, paddle-boards*, paddle-boats* [*all extra charge]; fishing, windsurfing, etc.), modern restrooms & showers, pavilions, playgrounds, 18 hole putt-putt golf* [*minimal extra charge], basketball & volleyball courts as well as all the Revelation Retreat concerts, keynote speakers, seminars including the Purity Revival, activities, sports competitions and contests held throughout the entire day! Also, all overnight retreat campers receive FREE primitive camping in the campground!

ATTENTION: all children 3 years old & under attend the Revelation Retreat camping and concerts FREE.

(NOTE: Ages of children as of June 27, 2019 used to determine the specific child registration discount.)

Senior Citizen Registration Ticket Discount (Ages 62 & over): Senior citizens will be charged at the corresponding youth registration ticket rates where applicable. 

Large Family, Youth Group, Organization/Club or Independent Group Quantity Purchase Bonus
: For every 9 one day or two day paid registration tickets - get 1 FREE one day or two day registration ticket! Discounts determined based on age or grade as of June 27, 2019. All tickets must be purchased together on same order and at same time. Children 3 and under attend all Revelation Retreat camping and concerts FREE!

Primitive Campsites: FREE and included in the overnight retreat camper registration fee.
Water & Electric Campsites: limited availability and at an additional charge payable to campground office at time of registration: $35.00 per night per campsite, reserved & paid directly through the campground office.
Rental Cabins: Large 8-person cabins are available at an additional charge, are limited & reserve quickly. Contact the Revelation Retreat Director at 440-963-0302 for cabin rental details and rates.
NOTE: Upgrades on campsites to water & electric sites must contact the New London Reservoir Campground Office directly for reserving, securing and paying for these through the campground staff (419-929-8609). 

IMPORTANT: Children 3 years old & under attend all Revelation Retreat Camping & Concerts FREE!
*All minors must be accompanied at the retreat by a legally responsible adult (age of majority).
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We are the "David amongst the Goliaths" in Ohio Christian music & fellowship camping retreats. We may be small in size, but we are MIGHTY in meditation, music, fellowship, camping, amenities, recreation, facilities, hospitality, affordability, vendors and fun.

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Special Message to Youth Group Leaders, Club Leaders & Parents:
Are you looking for a Christian music & fellowship camp you can attend this summer that will allow you to stretch further your hard earned fundraiser and savings funds? Then, check out the Revelation Retreat 2019. Put away the fundraising forms and lighten the burden of constantly pinching pennies so you can spend more of your time doing what you were called to do and what you do best; providing Christian leadership and guidance to your kids. The Revelation Retreat 2019 was created to help you do this. Check out our comprehensive retreat schedule, our excellent entertainment, speaker & seminar lineup, the Purity Revival, challenging sports competitions, our outstanding campground/amphitheater facilities & our best value, low registration prices.


Discounts Available For Senior Citizens And Quantity Purchase Bonus For Large Groups, Clubs & Large Families.
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