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Sonship Studio


What is the Sonship Studio?

The Sonship Studio is a turnkey modern recording, training and jam session studio with a discipleship mission. The Sonship Studio is dedicated to producing “Old School” style, multi-track recordings; the full band or solo artists, ‘live’, the way records were made in the Golden Years of rock and soul in the 1960’s & 1970’s, using a combination of state-of-the-art technology and advanced techniques all while infusing a God’s Word-view influence over the worldview of creative arts. The Sonship Studio’s mission is to offer the best recording, mixing and mastering methods found in an “Old School” live tracking studio hosted by a church within a small town atmosphere (Vermilion, OH) along the north coast of Lake Erie, and at a fraction of the price clients would pay at other urban facilities. Our training mission surrounds offering church sound tech basic training workshops throughout the year. 


The Sonship Studio is the “David among the Goliaths” of professional recording studios. We are small, but mighty! The Sonship Studio was designed to maximize isolation within it’s room size limitations. To make for effective and efficient use of the studio’s compact, yet intimate room dimensions, a compartmental model was employed. The Sonship Studio has 4 separate, distinct compartments: 1) Solo Booth, 2) Drum Booth, 3) Live Commons and 4) Control Booth. Each booth has been built incorporating sound absorption acoustic material within it’s wall panels to increase absorption of sound waves thus attaining better isolation & creating reflection-free zones (RFZ). 


While at Sonship Studio, you will have full access to our extensive collection of professional microphones from such renowned manufacturers as Shure, Rode, sE,  Audio-Technica, Aspen Pittman Designs, Electro-Voice and MXL. You will also have full access to Sonship Studio’s complete line of musical instruments including Keyboards (Korg, Alesis & Yamaha), electric guitars (Epiphone & Squire), acoustic and bass guitars (Ibanez), acoustic drum set (Gretsch & Sabian cymbals) and accompanying combo amps (Marshall, Boss, Ampeg & Behringer-Turbosound). We also provide artists with professional headphones for personal monitoring from manufacturers like Sennheiser and Audio-Technica.


Our control room is also outfitted with a state-of-the-art professional 32 channel Presonus Studio Live 32.4.2 AI digital mixing console. The Presonus Studio Live AI series mixers provide seamless capability of mixing and mastering your tracks with proper blend and balance, tasteful digital effects, EQ and compression along with additional signal processing tools like gates, high pass filtering, polarity switching and limiters. The Presonus Studio Live Mixer communicates directly with our high tech HP desktop computer which is loaded with fantastic Presonus DAW recording & production software like Capture 2, Studio One 4 and Universal Control. These tools are integrated throughout the recording, mixing & mastering process to successfully complete your Sonship Studio recording experience.

Lastly, if you just need a nice, unobtrusive location to jam rather than in your house, basement or garage, the Sonship Studio is a great place to get in enjoyable jam sessions.                                                                    

Contact Info: Sonship Studio - Vermilion, OH; Owner/Operator: Scott Thompson; Phone: 419-902-6088 or email:

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